Gray Fox HQ

Gray Fox HQ

When you run a website, you want to have something that is easy to look at, easy to use, and really is unique. Grey Fox Group has one of those websites. When you first log onto their page, they bring up a pop-up window that says the following:

Gray Fox Group conducts national security and intelligence operations across the globe. This site is CONTINUOUSLY monitored. To enter you must consent to our information and communication confidentiality terms.”

In order to get past this, you must say that you agree or disagree. For a home page, that is one smooth way of letting your visitors know that you are important.

Their page has great photos and the way that you can scroll through the actual home page makes for a great viewing experience. They state outright what it is that they do, like intelligence services, consultancy, security, and even training. They even have a map locating where they have worked over the last twenty years. It is all easy to read and very easy to navigate through the site.

Each one of their special skills has a button on the top of the site that you can visit to learn a little more about it. They explain just a little more in depth about what it is that they do in each of these areas, and the headers on all of the pages are high quality photographs that help to give the visitor a sense of what it is that they do, and how well that they do it. They of course have a contact page where you can email them to either request their services or just drop a quick message to them. Regardless, it is a well laid out website that can teach many other people a thing or two.

What is so great about this website is that it is clean and not cluttered. The Grey Fox Group themselves are not a very fancy group, and their website reflects that. They write very little on each page, just enough to let you know what it is that they do, but also leaving some questions that you can ask them later if you want to. The photos are high quality and give you a real sense of just how highly skilled they are and just what they can promise to their clients. Overall, it is a great website that does not leave much to the imagination. Visit the new today and see for yourself.

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