Lumiron - Quality LED Lighting

Lumiron - Quality LED Lighting

LED lighting has been around for decades, but it’s only been the last several years that we have truly been able to grasp what it can do for lighting, regardless of where that lighting may be used. From commercial and residential uses to marine and sign lighting, LED lighting continues to advance in technology. However, if you simply walk into your local lighting store, you’re bound to find that your options are quite limited. Simply purchasing LED lighting for both personal and commercial use isn’t the best tactic. You need to have professionals come in and inspect your surroundings for the best results possible, while offering recommendations on how to further improve upon your ideas with what’s available to you in LED lighting., founded in 1984, has just such resources that you’ll be able to utilize to get the most out of the lighting in any space that you need. does more than just LED lamps and lighting. They build customized solutions for all types of needs that adapt to the setting you need lighting for. With a staff that is dedicated to servicing their clients, Lumiron has played a vital role in the evolution of LED design and lighting since the inception.

If you’re a commercial business that is looking to get into LED lighting to light your business, warehouse, or offices, you know that the switch from fluorescent or incandescent lighting can seem like a daunting task. The team at Lumiron is there to walk you through the process. You’ll receive full knowledge on exactly how much you can save on both energy and cooling costs, as well as the perfect plan to get your business started in making such a huge transition.

LED lighting was seen as a positive sign for powering lights on a sea or water vessel. With the amount of energy that LED lighting conserves versus incandescent lights formerly found on boats and ships, Lumiron has taken extreme measures to efficiently light ships that they work with.

If you have a large room or home that you’d like to convert to LED lighting, Lumiron can help you make the most of your space. Whether it’s recessed lighting or exotic chandeliers, they have the solution and the knowledge to light your space with a barrage of colors that will make your rooms appear more comfortable and virtually increase the size of your room through lighting techniques that can only be found through LED lighting. Check out the new Lumiron LED Lighting website at

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