Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing Setup and Management Services

Google has a world of options for you when it comes to paid advertising. Google Adwords is one of the largest cost per click services available to e-commerce sites around the world. You’ll also find that participating in this bidded environment gives you total control of the words that you want to show up for in search results, and allows you to adjust as necessary so as not to exceed the marketing budget that you already have. There are countless add-ons that have been a part of Google Adwords for some time. From display advertising, or banner ads, to Google Shopping, which recently became a paid service, there is something for almost every site looking to drive revenue and traffic. However, Google has only recently become part of the retargeting effort which is proving effective to site owners around the world.

Google Remarketing, as it’s called, is a way of showing your ads to users who have already visited a specific URL on your site. By planting a simple piece of code on your web page, a cookie is added to the user’s computer. When that cookie is triggered by those participating in the Adsense side of Google Adwords, your ad is displayed to that user. Remarketing is not only a way to re-introduce your brand to previous visitors but is known to have a conversion rate much higher than that of new visitors.

If you’re already participating in a retargeting service, you’ll find that most of them execute their ads within the Google Display Network. What this means for you is that you’ll actually save a couple of cents per click when you move the marketing budget of your business from services like AdChoices and AdBrite over to Google.

Additionally, you’ll find that the Google Remarketing service actually allows you to tie in your Google Analytics tracking code into your ads without having to do any of the work. Since Google Adwords already allows you to automatically add tracking parameters, it’s simply an extension of any service you already have with Google Adwords, which saves you both time and money by compiling all your marketing spend into one large service that can provide everything you need for your paid advertising campaigns.

Google Remarketing is highly customizable and allows you to choose which pages you want to use for retargeting. Take the time to explore this option within Google Adwords and you’ll find that the benefits are well worth the effort of launching or migrating your retargeting campaign with Google Adwords and Google Remarketing.

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