Dedicated Server

Several business owners who jump into putting their online brand from the deep end often end up sinking faster than they originally thought. With endless hosting at ridiculously low costs, it’s quite tempting to jump at the best possible price for hosting your website. Web site hosts lure inexperience businesses owners in with cheap hosting packages all the time. Before you know it, you’ve got a great site built that, unfortunately, runs at a turtles pace. With a dedicated server from Final Web Design, you can not only have that great looking website that you’ve been dreaming about, but the speed and processing power that’s necessary to keep it running efficiently for years. Studies show that if a website takes too long to load (more than a few seconds), users are quick to jump off your page.

There are endless amounts of other businesses out there, most likely competing for the same customers as you, and they have sites that are faster than yours, which can be an embarrassing issue and destroy the return on your investment. A dedicated server prevents this nightmare from ever occurring. With those cheap hosting packages you find online, your site is placed onto a server with dozens, sometimes hundreds of other websites. When all of these websites begin to draw traffic at the same time, it taxes the resources on the server and brings your own web site to a crawl. A dedicated server guarantees that the CPU and features that come with a dedicated server are yours and yours alone, you’ll never get taxed on your processing power from another web site getting slammed with traffic.

If you’ve done any research on organic search rankings over the past couple of years, you’ve most likely read that Google now factors in site speed into its organic search algorithm. They stress the importance of site speed so much, that they’ve even added a site speed feature to their Analytics interface. If you already have hosting on a non-dedicated server, you probably see page load times as high as 10 seconds, which is 8 seconds longer than a user is willing to wait before going elsewhere. Dedicated servers from Final Web Design offer you the chance to load your pages in as little as 0.5 seconds, which should be considered lightning fast for any business. If you’ve got the need for speed, try a dedicated server from Final Web Design.