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Google Analytics:

Both large businesses and small often have several options when it comes to how to track activity on their website. Paid and free versions of software are readily available for instant sign up. If you’re a business that’s on a budget and are looking for a well-rounded tool that gives you proper insight into your website, then you most likely already know about Google Analytics. But if you’ve only begun to explore your options, it’s important to realize that there are several highlights to Google Analytics that make it so valuable. Here are some of the top features that webmasters around the world find most appealing within Google Analytics.

Real-Time Tracking:

While it’s been in Beta for quite some time, the real-time tracking within Google Analytics has quickly become one of our favorite features. You can watch visitor activity as it happens, including the referring site, social media traffic and even keyword visits. While you can’t yet track by individual visitor (unless you were to narrow down the source far enough), the overall traffic lets you see the impact of things like e-mail blasts, social media posts, and even the launch of paid campaigns. The delay of real-time is often only a second or two, so it’s certainly worth a look once you’ve signed up.

Custom Tracking URLs:

Google gives you easy access to implement your own names for campaigns, mediums, sources and ad groups. While it works best with paid campaigns, other software resources, such as e-mail software can automatically tag your URLs with Google Analytics tracking codes without you having to do any of the work. This allows you to dig deep into your online marketing efforts and learn what’s working for you and what’s not.

Conversion Tracking:

With the addition of simple code on your checkout completion page, you can track conversions and their value right down to individual transaction. Additionally, you can check transactions within your business software so you can see the direct correlation with every purchase. Use conversion tracking to help you understand average order value, conversion rates, and even your most popular selling products.

Until you actually implement Google Analytics, it’s difficult to truly realize the actual power behind this free software. If you think that you always get what you pay for, in this case you’d be wrong. The functionality and capability in Google Analytics rivals that of even the biggest analytics companies in the world.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):


Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts will research and identify keywords and content that search engines will use to direct clients to your website. Step 1 in the SEO process is to build your website using proper meta tags, title tags and meta descriptions that are crucial in search engine recognition. This is followed by an SEO marketing plan that is focused on user interaction, landing page expansion and quality content.

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Blog Management:

blog managment

Professional blog management and optimized content writing can be the difference between your websites success and that of your competition's. With top-of-the-industry blog development techniques. Final Web Design knows how to best utilize  and optimize your website's blog. All of our clients are provided a blog marketing plan of procedure to help increase and optimize the functionality, design and operations of your business blog.

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PPC (Price Per Click) Campaigns:

price per click

Pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns can produce the fastest return on your investment. Pay-per-click experts first research your industry, your business and your competition. We use this data to select proper keywords and ad content that will display only to your specific demographic. Our techniques will ensure that your website receives the maximum amount of relevant traffic for your given budget.

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Social Media Marketing:

social media marketing

Social media can be a powerful tool for your business's SEO, branding and increasing traffic to your website. Social Media Optimization (SMO) campaigns not only create interaction with your customers, but also improve your website's search engine visibility. Creating interaction between your social media platforms and your website will give you preferential search listings in the major search engines.

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E-mail Marketing:

email marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the best resources that an internet marketer can use in terms of customer retention. The idea is to first create a relevant list of interested followers and then send them your follow up messages, deals and promotions. The size of your list is not nearly as important as the quality of your list. Once we have obtained a quality list of potential customers, we can start getting creative by engaging your followers with special offers and appealing content.

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SEO Tools:

SEO Tools

The best SEO practices to utilize on your website are those that give you the most detailed information about your web visitors. There are several SEO tools available that can give you both high-level and low-level insights into your optimizations and just how they are working out for you. Here are some of the top SEO tools used by webmasters, marketing managers and business owners around the world.

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If your site is well laid out and has the proper internal linking that’s required of SEO best practices, it’s not uncommon for a spider that crawls websites to miss a few pages here and there. For any number of reasons, be it lack of content, lack of relevancy, and several other issues that could cause a crawling problem on your site, your sitemap is going to be the tool that can give spiders a better sense of direction, while assuring that your site gets crawled.

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Google Keyword Tool:

Google Keyword Tool

Manually checking your ranking for keywords is going to be a tedious process. While you’d love to rank for high volume keywords that will inevitably drive revenue, it’s the longer tail keywords that drive high conversion rates, even if they draw a small amount of traffic. Rather than checking each word manually, you can use Google Keyword Tool as one of your SEO tools to check out what keywords you’re showing up for and your average rank. Keep in mind that ranking changes one a per user basis, and is often dependent on the user’s search history.

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Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster tools is one of the most common SEO tools in use today. With valuable insight into your rankings for several keywords, your impressions within Google search results, and your click through rates for the keywords that you show up for, you can get a birds-eye view of just how well your site is doing on the largest search engine in the world. Additionally, you can look into your site speed as well as how many of your URLs are being indexed. Furthermore, you’ll also have the ability to submit a sitemap that can offer Google’s spider a little more insight into the URLs on your page.

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Link Exchange Campaign:

Link Exchange

Even with the fastest site and endless engine optimization on websites, businesses often find themselves asking why their site is not ranking on Google’s organic search. No matter how much content you may have, and no matter how well structured your site is, you simply can’t garner rankings in any organic search engine without backlinks. Backlinks are considered one of the most challenging yet important parts of any search engine optimization campaign

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Keyword Research:

Keyword Research

When considering SEO to help promote your website, you must start with a group of keywords that you’d like to target. Some keywords are either going to be very difficult to rank for or are going to be very expensive to purchase through paid search. You’ve got to use an in depth keyword research strategy to properly plan out your tactic and make sure that you get maximum rankings with as little cost as possible and as high of a conversion rate as possible.

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On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO

On Page Search Engine Optimization is the first step in begining an search engine optimization campaign. Developing a website with proper seo coding will let the search engines know what is on your page. Techniques such as keyword research, title tags, meta tags and meta descriptions determine a websites relevance on the web. On page SEO is the leading factor in determining organic (free) search traffic.

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