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Monitor Your Websites Organic Traffic with Google Search Console

Every webmaster wants insight into how their website performs. To be successful with internet marketing, in-depth information, and the ability to use that information to grow is crucial. Since a majority of website traffic from search engines come from Google, it’s ideal that you use tools that inform you how your site is doing in search.

Google Search Console gives you insight into your site speed on a page by page level, which helps you narrow down the issue to help you resolve these potential problems before they become unmanageable.

Monitor Your Website Speed and Performance with Google Search Console

A high volume of organic traffic from Google is the ultimate goal of the search engine, simply because about 90% of organic traffic is usually considered new visitors who have never even heard of your brand. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can monitor an estimated volume of impressions that are generated on Google’s search engine results pages by your website, as well as click-through rates for specific keywords. This data is often useful in helping you determine problem areas, as well as areas that you may want to consider paid advertising for, depending on how important it is for you to rank.

Google Search Console Performance

Submit your Website Sitemap to Google Search Console

While the sitemap submission process is said not to be a solution to drive traffic to your web page, it does offer Google’s search engine spider a little bit of help when crawling your site. If you have internal linking issues on your website, and can’t seem to drive any exposure to more in-depth pages, then this should be the first thing you tackle. Again, just because you submit the sitemap doesn’t mean that your URLs will be indexed, so make sure to keep the content on each page extremely useful and relevant.

Google Search Console Queries

Monitoring and Managing Website Growth with Google Search Console

Several years ago, Google announced that it was going to factor site speed into their organic rankings algorithm. While it doesn’t play a significant role, a slow site is often a poor user experience, which often leads to high bounce rates on your website. If you have every page of your site cached, you’ll never know that the site is running slow.

Google Search Console Coverage

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