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YouTube Marketing:

There are countless video sharing sites out there today. From Dailymotion, to MetaCafe, and Vimeo, you can find endless resources to post your original work to a potential audience of millions of people. However, if you really want to gain exposure on your videos, whether they’re for a business or just personal activities. YouTuve is the most utilized video sharing site on the web today. To put YouTube’s popularity into perspective, 48 hours of video are uploaded to the website every minute, which ends up being about 8 years of content that are posted every single day. Potentially, there are hundreds of billions of videos, considering the maximum length for any video is 10 minutes in most cases. Remember, they all only do one thing, and that is post video, which makes it no surprise as to how many videos are uploaded on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to implement video for your brand or business website, YouTube is the perfect resource. With options to password protect your video, as well as choose whether or not it’s available for viewing on mobile devices, it’s not only safe, but can enhance the new viewers on your website exponentially, versus posting them on your website alone. Additionally, YouTube has organic search power, while your video may not. Since the video site is a subsidiary of Google, the videos can often rank much higher organically when compared to other sites or self-hosted videos. Taking the time to properly set up the details of each video often rewards you handsomely with new views, and potential new business.

YouTube Mobile Optimization:

YouTube is also the mobile friendly version of any video content that you need to post. With a built in app into the iPhone as well as the capability to play on any mobile device, you get far more prospective viewers on a regular basis. With most of the modern world constantly on the go, hosting your own videos on your site may result in compatibility issues that would prevent viewers from watching your video through their cell phone.

There’s nothing that says you can’t host your video on your own web page, and make it compatible for mobile phones. But with the work done for you, there’s not much need to put in your own time, when the template is built and ready for you to upload, optimize and share your videos for the world to see on YouTube.

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook Marketing

There are hundreds of millions of Facebook users around the world. Facebook is one of the only social media marketing outlets that has been known to decrease productivity in the workplace. So if people are spending time on Facebook, you should be as well. The key to a successful Facebook page is a variety of ingredients that need to tie together perfectly in order to appeal to the sensitive opinions of Facebook users.

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Google Plus Marketing:

Google Plus

Google Plus, like Facebook has the opportunity to grab a little bit bigger of the slice of social media pie that your business is after. While most businesses tend to ignore Google Plus due to its fractional amount of users, this can be a complete loss of additional revenue, while not requiring too much additional work from your normal social media efforts. Google leads the way across the board, so don't count them on on social media.

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LinkedIn Marketing:

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn isn’t about just friends, or where you’re at during any given period, but allows you to boast about both your past and current positions, while going into great detail about what you did or do. Similar to a resume, you can post detailed information about your past education, your abilities, such as what software you might have experience with, and other areas of expertise that you have but may not be using in your current position.

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Twitter Marketing:

Twitter Marketing

This social marketing tool is also an account that you may not be taking proper advantage of. Tweeting is an addiction to some, and following others tweets is an even greater addiction. You need to know what to say and how to say it in 140 characters to get through to the audience that you’re looking for. Fact is, that same audience is also looking for you. You just need the right social media marketing strategies in place to bring the two of you together.

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