Driving Revenue with Google Adsense

Driving Revenue with Google Adsense

When you have an informative site, or a blogging site that has come to fruition out of an obsession for a hobby or topic, you often spend money to get your site up and running, with not much gratitude in return. While you might appreciate the traffic that you get from a well-built site, you may not know that you can actually generate revenue from your otherwise free content that users are finding on the internet. If you’ve got a substantial amount of visitors, you have the opportunity to create another source of income for you and your family through Google Adsense.

Depending on the quality of your site, submitting your page to Google Adsense for approval is really quite simple. If you’ve already have a site built out, with a decent amount of content on it, then you’re already good to go. If you’ve got a brand new site, you’ll need to take the time to build it out. Google manually checks every site that is submitted to Adsense to assure that the content is well written, useful and isn’t inappropriate for its category.

By placing up to three banners on each site, you display both text and banner ads throughout your site. When these are properly placed on your page, you can achieve a high click-through rate. Depending on the type of ad that’s served, as well as the quality of traffic that you’re drawing to each click, you’ll be paid between $0.05 and $0.10 per every click you receive. While this may not seem like much for one click, it’s more about generating massive traffic, which would then earn you more money.

Google Adsense isn’t for sites that only generate a few hits per day, as that usually only results in you making a few cents per month at most. However, if you generate at least 100 visits per day to your site, you may find yourself making a decent amount of extra cash on the side.

The only downfall to the Google Adsense program is that you need to make sure you dedicate yourself to driving traffic. Google only pays out from the Adsense program once you have accrued earnings of $100 or more. Even then, you’ll have to wait at least 30 days to get your check. However, if you’ve got time on your hands and find yourself with a valuable website, this may be the perfect program for you.

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