Understanding Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook Paid Advertising

Social media is a channel that can truly add to your brand awareness. In terms of Internet marketing, several companies both large and small have made social media a priority for their marketing team. While you may be on Facebook, you may often find it difficult to truly garner new likes and new visibility through the social media channel, and you’re certainly not alone. Like everything else on the internet, Facebook thrives on paid advertising and has a variety of options for you to choose from. But before you dive into Facebook ads with your marketing budget, you need to make sure that you’re aware of what Facebook paid ads do for you and your business.

It’s All About Brand Awareness

First and foremost to remember about Facebook paid ads is that they aren’t going to drive revenue right away. Social media is more of an indirect method when it comes to getting the conversions needed to make social media successful. Your paid ads are merely a way to get your brand in front of people who aren’t necessarily looking for you or your product. This exposure is unique in that while people aren’t looking for what you have to offer at that very moment, they may be in the future.

Expect Low Click Through Rates

Depending on who you target and how you’re targeting them, your ad has the potential to reach more people than other methods like paid search and display advertising. Additionally, some people aren’t interested in clicking on paid ads, especially since they may just be on Facebook to communicate with friends and family. Don’t expect stellar click-through rates by any means. Facebook paid ads generally drive an average click-through rate of %0.0025. It sounds like a low number, but in the scheme of things, this could be an extremely high amount of traffic.

Decisions, Decisions

When you set up Facebook paid ads, you’ll be required to decide on a landing page. While you’d normally go with a product landing page or your website with most paid ads, you now have the option of placing your Facebook page as a landing page for visitors. Ideally, this works better since users aren’t redirected to another site, and they don’t have to deal with annoying popups. Conversely, this also offers less of a chance for conversion, so you’ll need to take a while and think about what your ultimate goal is with Facebook paid ads.

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