Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Going through Google Analytics? Would you like to get a little bit more insight than what you already see? The fact is that while Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools for your website, you don’t actually see how your site is fairing within organic rankings. While you see what keywords actually trigger both new and old visits to your website, being able to see where you stand on a much larger scale is important to any site owner. This on top of several other things are what make Google Webmaster Tools such a vital resource.

Organic Rankings Overview

With Google Webmaster Tools, you get a look what keywords are actually triggering your site within search results. Additionally, you can view approximate rankings, and click through rates  for nearly any time range that you desire. Keeping an eye on this helps give you an idea of what route you should take with your SEO strategy.

Site Map Submissions

While submitting a site map doesn’t ever guarantee that your site’s pages will be crawled, it does help guide Google’s search spider throughout your site. Make sure to submit this, even if you believe that your most important pages are crawled already. Remember, Google will decide what’s important to your visitors, and you may have a dormant page that will rank well, potentially driving substantial traffic.

Text Link Options

If your site ranks well, you may notice that you often have the option of eliminating text links from organic search results. Text links are sub-pages from the home page that are often displayed when your site ranks #1 within search results for a specific keyword (usually a branded one). If you find that some of these text links are less than desirable, you can select to remove them. While you can’t add what you want, this is one of the most valuable tools in Google Webmaster Tools today.

Make sure to visit your Google Webmaster Tools interface if you haven’t already. Simply install the simple code onto your homepage, and you’re all set with a powerful tool that gives you deep insights into the success of your site versus others.

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