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It’s tough for any new social media channel to compete with Facebook and the power that it and it’s over 900 million users have on society. If anyone can keep up with Facebook, it’s going to be the largest internet power in the world, Google. If you didn’t already notice, they’ve already made the stretch to get their own social media network going, and while it has been a slow start, there’s no sign of Google giving up on the project.

Google +, like Facebook and Twitter has the opportunity to grab a little bit bigger of the slice of social media pie that your business is after. While most businesses tend to ignore Google + due to its fractional amount of users, this can be a complete loss of additional revenue, while not requiring too much additional work from your normal social media efforts. With 3rd party software, you can easily configure your social media channels to synchronize and rapidly expand your fan base on Google + for additional brand awareness that you didn’t think actually existed.

If you’re big on link sharing for your Facebook page, you’ll be happy to know that Google +’s link sharing is much more efficient than Facebook. Facebook often pulls odd images from you website, while Google’s image algorithm is much more capable of grabbing the image that you need for each link, without having to surf through all of the other images when picking a thumbnail.

If you’ve got a wide array of services or products you offer, you can also target your audiences with Google + circles. Creating circles with your higher-level categories allows you to specifically send relevant information to the right people. By gathering the interests that people have, you can better push products to people who are more likely to buy rather than wasting valuable real estate on someone’s news feed.

While Google + has a long way to go before they catch up to Facebook, the time, effort, and money they’ve put into the project tells us they have no signs of slowing. Looking at the big picture, Google + is actually a more valuable resource for businesses to properly deliver content to potential customers while being able to refine their targeting. If you’re on the fence about joining Google +, consider this…you wouldn’t ignore Yahoo and Bing if they drew additional revenue, would you? Whether business is slim on Google + or not, everyone needs to add to their bottom line. Check out the Final Web Design Google+ Business Page @ https//

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