Twitter: Life of the Efficient Tweeter

Efficient Tweeter

Twitter is about communicating with brevity. Unfortunately, activities such as our jobs or domestic responsibilities cut into our Twitter time. If you are an avid tweeter, you appreciate little tricks and tips that help expedite your tweets. Very often, tweets are posted when we’re on the run or when we find ourselves with a couple of minutes of downtime. Grabbing a little Twitter time is accomplished at red lights while waiting in line at Walmart or during that 15-minute coffee break. Anything that helps you use your Twitter time more efficiently is a godsend in our busy lives.

If your Twitter time needs some time-saving tools, you’ll find these 10 navigational keyboard shortcuts that are sure to add to your Twitter time and enhance your Twitter experience.

B- Block User–  Used to prevent unwanted tweeters from following you or subscribing to your tweets.

U-Unblock User- Reverses the “B” command.

F- Favorite- Allows you to bookmark a tweet so it can be easily found later.

J-Next Tweet –  Keeps those new tweets coming at a rapid clip.

K-Previous Tweet- Quickly returns you to your prior tweet.

N- New Tweet- Gets you moving quickly to your next tweet.

R-reply –When you want to respond to a tweet in a flash.

T-Re tweet- Used to forward or resend an existing tweet.

GM -Messages – A short cut to your message file.

GP-Profile- Provides quick access to a particular users profile.

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