Social Media Importance

Social Media Importance

After a rocky start with branding through social media, companies are catching on to the importance of threading a brand’s message through the fabric of the social media fabric. Only a handful of media companies represent an inordinate share of ad revenue. Currently, 5 companies enjoy the advertising spoils, reflecting 68% of all ad revenue generated on the net.

Facebook comes in at the top of the heap accounting for 20% all online revenue. This concentration of power does not bode well for the myriad media companies struggling to remain viable. The prediction of death to the media industry just when social media is beginning to come into its own presents an interesting dichotomy. To paraphrase 60’s pop guru Marshall McLuhan, social media is what massages the social message your brand is attempting to convey. Social allows you to filter your brand’s message into the top of minds of millions of potential consumers.

Smart phone users have embraced the  new medium, mobile devices and social media, with which to assess product information and make purchasing decisions.  It behooves companies  to implement a cohesive social media campaign that is integrated into every aspect of your marketing game plan. The major difference between traditional online marketing tools such as Google Ad-words and social media marketing is in how the public searches for, and implements information. While traditional snares consumers through an organic search and direct them to your site, social media depends on information being filtered through the lens of a social net-worker. Here, the potential consumer eyes value through their social circles which provides a powerful incentive, whether positive or negative. With most social platforms’ penchant for sharing, the virtual shopper enjoys many avenues for further investigating aspects such as product features and quality.

As advertisers learn the secrets to social media marketing, consumers will benefit with more options and better information.

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