The Power of Facebook Marketing

The Power of Facebook Marketing

While social media is a free channel that offers endless opportunity for any brand or business to expand their reach, it’s often something that’s not planned out correctly. When it comes to owning your Facebook or Twitter page, you only get one shot at doing things right, and if you don’t do it correctly the first time, you’re going to have to settle for less than optimal success on a channel that could exponentially increase your bottom line. Facebook marketing isn’t for the birds, and it certainly isn’t for people who haven’t tried it before.

If you’re going to get into Facebook marketing on your own accord, make sure that you’ve got all of the necessary tools to get you started. You’re going to need to know what apps can help enhance your Facebook page without overdoing it. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that your page talks to the consumer, while lining up an appearance that’s similar to your website.

Additionally with Facebook marketing, you need to remember that people are under no obligation to “Like” your page. One simple slip could make people abandon your brand with the click of a mouse, and once you lose them, it’s almost impossible to get them back. Avoid spamming people with endless amounts of links or images every few minutes. If you have more than 5,000 likes, the ideal posting time should be about 60 minutes or longer.

You obviously have several options to interact with your Facebook users. Images are the most shared, liked, and commented form of media on Facebook. Video is a close second, but several people aren’t willing to let videos load on their devices, especially if they are mobile. If you choose to go with text as your media, try making your post about a paragraph long. It’s easy for your post to get lost among others when people have hundreds of friends in their own news feeds.

With the right planning in place, you can use Facebook marketing to enhance your brand to people you were never able to reach before. Take care not to abuse the power and you’ll have lots of followers in no time. - Skin Care Products that Keep your...
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