Corporate I.T. Developer Job Interview

Watch a live job interview for a lead Corporate I.T. job interviews for an application developer position with a large corporation headquartered in the U.S.A. This video will show 3 separate back-to-back interviews with Sr. Manager of IT Enterprise Products, Sr. Manager of Application Platforms, Human Resources Manager and finally VP of I.T. 0:00 Corporate I.T. Developer …

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Web Development Salaries Increasing in 2021

Are you interested in learning more about the upcoming web design and development salaries happening in 2021? Over the course of the next year, programming and coding skills are predicted to once again increase. 0:00 Web Development Salaires Increasing Introduction 0:20 Why Salaires are Increasing? 1:25 Teaching and Learning Coding and Programming 2:35 Front End …

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JavaScript: Part 9 – Data Types

JavaScript offers several different data types for programmers to store information. These popular data types include numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, objects and null. This tutorial will offer more insight into JavaScript and the different types of data. 0:00 Data Types Introduction 0:26 Numbers 1:50 Strings 3:17 Boolean 4:20 Arrays and Objects 4:35 Data Types Conclusion …

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Coding: Atom

Atom Code Editor is the most popular code editor available for website developers and software engineers. Atom Code Editor is created and maintained by Microsoft and is considered one of the companies best software products available. Atom Code Editor is open-source and offers excellent features and third-party extensions that have helped establish Atom Code Editor …

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