Custom coding and programming services include HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and more! Does your business require custom website edits or development? Does your company have software that you need to expand-on to meet your evolving technology needs? The Final Web Design team has experts in all of the most popular coding languages and the latest technology.

Why Coding is Not Enough

Why Coding is Not Enough Anymore

Coding skills alone may not be sufficient for many jobs in today’s rapidly evolving technological and business landscape for several reasons: Interdisciplinary Skills: Many modern jobs require a combination of skills that go beyond coding. These might include domain expertise, project management, data analysis, design, communication, and teamwork. For example, a web developer might need …

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Developer Burnout

Developer Burnout

Software developer burnout refers to a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion experienced by individuals working in the software development or web development industry. It is a specific type of job-related burnout that arises due to prolonged and intense stress associated with the demands of software development tasks and the work environment. Burnout typically …

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Coding Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a common phenomenon among coders and professionals in many fields. It’s the feeling of doubting your  coding skills, accomplishments, and fearing being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence of your competence. To help prevent imposter syndrome in coding, consider the following strategies: 0:00 Introduction 1:54 Recognize and acknowledge your achievements: Take time …

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2023 Most Popular Website Platforms and Programming Languages

In this video I wanted to review the upcoming most popular website design and development technologies and programming languages for 2023. Let’s take a look at the upcoming year and what will be some of the most important web platforms and programming languages that will be used going in 2023. 0:00 Introduction 0:33 Popular Web …

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Corporate I.T. Developer Job Interview

Watch a live job interview for a lead Corporate I.T. job interview for an application developer position with a large corporation headquartered in the U.S.A. This video will show 3 separate back-to-back interviews with Sr. Manager of IT Enterprise Products, Sr. Manager of Application Platforms, Human Resources Manager and finally VP of I.T. 0:00 Corporate I.T. Developer …

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Programming and Coding Salaries in 2021

This video will review some of the front-end, back-end and full-stack coding salaries in 2021. If you are looking to start a career in programming and coding this video should help ensure you are informed on the current salaries for popular coding positions. 0:00 Programming and Coding Salaries in 2021 Introduction 2:40 Front-End Programming Salary …

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