Web and Software Developer Job Availability in 2021

With all the changes and craziness that 2020 has brought, let’s take a look at how developer jobs in 2021 will look. 0:00 Developer Job Availability in 2021 Introduction 0:29 Difficulties of 2020 1:03 Looking into the Future 1:36 Job Market Outlook and Increased Demand 2:35 Popular Positions (AI, Data Scientists, Software Engineering, Web Development …

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The New Era of Digital Currency is Here So have you purchased any cryptocurrency yet? Cryptocurrency is not new, however, its popularity is increasing daily throughout the world. The basic concept that drives crypto is the users ability to spend money and make the transaction almost instantly without the use of a bank. The added ability that all countries around …

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with manufacturing and design of intelligent machines. One of the major difference between human beings and machine is intelligence as machines can not function on their freewill. Machines have always needed human control or human programming in order to function. Artificial intelligence is a very broad topic …

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If you have not heard; drones are everywhere. They are in the hands of the skilled and the amateur and are being used in a wide range of professional applications or just for hobby. However, no matter what they are used for, drones are becoming more prevalent these days. Drones are also known as Unmanned …

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The Three Essential Elements of Modern Cyber Security

These days, almost everyone is online, and consequently cyber security is of ever-increasing importance. We’ve all heard stories about identity theft, password phishing, credit card fraud, and all sorts of online related crimes that happen. To adequately protect yourself in this environment, every network, personal or commercial, should have at least three basic components dedicated …

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