5 New Significant Technologies

5 New Significant Technologies

The rapid pace of technological innovation continues to have a profound impact on the world around us. The following five significant technologies all highlight specific ways in which new technology, improvements for older innovations and existing concepts that have been re-purposed or applied in new ways are making changes whose true impact may not be known for several years to come.

One: Reusable Rockets

The high-cost of launching craft, satellites and even astronauts into space has been a major obstacle since the advent of spaceflight. While NASA's space shuttle attempted to utilize a reusable orbiter in an effort to reduce cost, the latest generation of reusable rockets have the potential to significantly decrease the cost of future launches. More affordable satellite launches will allow businesses and service providers to expand the scope of their operations like never before.

Two: Self-driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars are poised to make sweeping changes that can impact everything from urban development, to commercial markets and every day life. Millions of driver-less cars expected to be on the road within just a few short years, proving that the self-driving car is a concept whose time has truly come.

Three: Commercial Drones

From delivery services to low-cost aerial surveys, the numerous potential benefits of commercial drones is already being felt in many markets and industries. Cheap, reliable and versatile, these devices offer an ideal alternative for businesses and that lack the finances needed to utilize more conventional aircraft. New FAA regulations governing the design and use of commercial drones is already making an impact on construction sites across the globe.

Four: AR Technology

AR is a technology that has much to offer. From games and entertainment to the smartphone and mobile applications utilized by businesses, AR is something we are sure to be seeing a lot more of in the days to come. AR has the potential to benefit numerous industries with a range of proposed uses that could come as a surprise to many consumers.

Five: Renewable Energy Installations

Home solar installations have proven to be very effective for reducing energy demand and allowing property owners to lower the cost of their utility bills. New products, such as solar shingles and next generation installations will ensure that greater numbers of property will be able to power their homes using clean renewable energy.

New Technologies

Keeping Pace With Changing Technology

The rapid pace of technological change can make it difficult to maintain a current understanding of the latest trends and newest resources. Falling behind the times can place businesses at a disadvantage and leave consumers unable to benefit from the latest tools, technologies and solutions to his the market as well as those that may be just over the horizon. From drone-based delivery services to the self-driving cars that will provide countless passengers with a safer and more convenient way to reach their destination, making an effort to learn more about the most exciting technology trends and developments can provide consumers with a valuable glimpse into the future.

Yunhong Liu is the founder of We Talk UAV, a new drone community and news site launching later this year.

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