Back In the Race – Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10

RIM has finally set a date for the much anticipated unveiling of its new Blackberry Z10 OS smart phone on Jan 30. However, influential organization such as the German site Telekcom Presse were given a sneak peak prior to the scheduled launch. In Telekcom’s early review, the Blackberry 10 was compared to Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 5 for issues such as looks, functionality, special features and processing speeds.

A visual inspection of the 10Z reveals a strong similarity in looks to the iPhone 5. RIM’s new smart phone is unlocked by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The screen responds by dissolving seamlessly into the home screen. By swiping horizontally across the screen, the device goes to the app pages. By tapping the the scroll bar located at the bottom of the screen, you can navigate through pages of apps.

Borrowing a feature from the Windows phone, RIM is including “Active Frames” to the BB 10. Similar to Window’s “Live Tiles”, frame updates can be seen at a glance. The Blackberry Hub is activated by swiping horizontally across the screen. The contacts cards include phone numbers email addresses and social network information. BB10 employs active frames, permitting you to see chats based on the group in which they reside. Pictures rotate in slide show fashion as they are uploaded to each group. Each person’s card can be accessed by tapping on a person in a group.

BB 10’s photo capabilities are one of its most desirable and innovative features. While the mechanics of taking photos with the device is largely the same as many other OS’s, it incorporate features that are unique to the BB10. For example, shutter bugs will be able to employ a feature that allows you to tap on any part of the photo to make it the focal point of the photo. A great feature involves a function the enables you to edit the photo by literally going back in time to capture a selected edit and incorporate it into the final product. For example, if someone in the frame was captured with his eye closed, the feature permits you to isolate that part of the photo and correct it by reversing or forwarding only the person’s face by several seconds to select a shot with his eyes open.

There is much more to the new blackberry BB10 Z and the early consensus is that the new RIM OS will prove to be a worthy contender to the throne that the iPhone 5 currently claims unchallenged.

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