The New Era of Digital Currency is Here

So have you purchased any cryptocurrency yet? Cryptocurrency is not new, however, its popularity is increasing daily throughout the world. The basic concept that drives crypto is the users ability to spend money and make the transaction almost instantly without the use of a bank.

The added ability that all countries around the world can move to a currency not backed by a government but rather by the blockchain. The emergence of not just Bitcoin but alternative coins are beginning to flood the market as more and more people around the world begin to see the crypto as a more sustainable and useful currency for their future.

Below we will review the three most popular cryptos on the marketing which include Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum


Known as the gold of crypto, Bitcoin is the common recognized as the most desired of the crypto currencies. Bitcoin is also one of the original cryptos dating back to 2008. After its initial launch Bitcoin found itself with slow growth and limited usability, combined with a small community of mostly tech advocates adopting the currency for spendable purchases.

As of December 2017 the currency has seen huge growth in both popularity and value. The future of bitcoin looks good and many would suggest that the time is now to get involved.


Popularity the silver of crypto, Litecoin is arguably the second most popular crypto currency. Litecoin is an alternative open source P2P digital currency. The Litecoin was started following the success of the Bitcoin and is often seen as a better alternative to Bitcoin offering a quicker transactional service for sending and receiving money.


Arguably the third most popular crypto available. Ethereum offers a few differences between those of Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Most agree that the crypto currency is here to stay. Although we will continue to see advancements with the security and technology behind crypto, the foundations of a digital currency outside of banks and governments is already here.

Take some time to do your research and see how crypto currency could be a good investment and ultimately a better currency for you. Earlier adopters to the new system have already seen huge returns and the growth of the new technology is seeing no slowdown in users.

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