HelloSign - Signatures Go Digital In The Office

HelloSign - Signatures Go Digital In The Office

It’s probably a safe bet to say that while the entire world has gone almost completely digital, the world office has gone anything but. While there are those that work to keep all documents digital, there has always been an exit point that has required the use of paper to be used in the office, making additional waste for the environment, and additional expenses for the business itself. The signing of documents has always been a hassle, with the need to print, sign, scan, and upload documents before they can be returned to those requesting the signature in the first place. HelloSign is out to change all that, and they may just be the first company to do so efficiently.

While they aren’t the first digital signing company in the world, HelloSign is the first one to do it right. Most digital signing software often requires a large investment from the company using the service, and setting up the use of it is usually quite the tedious process. With this new piece of software, users simply upload or create a signature that can easily be placed in the document.

To help protect the validity of a signed document, signatures and the documents they are contained in are tracked through HelloSign by use of IP addresses, cookies, and other sensitive information to be sure that the document has only made it into the hands of those who are involved in the exchange.

HelloSign is also quite the step up for filling out documents, with text functions that have been hailed as easier to use than prior versions of other software with similar form-filling functionality. The developers of the software have not only worked to insure the security behind the software, but have put a lot of time into the efforts of making the user interface one of the best and easiest to use when compared to other available platforms.

While the software is reliable for creating signatures, there may of course be a bit of legal kickback as to whether or not this form of signing documents is going to be legal. Many firms, including those involved in the judicial field could find the software to be lacking what it needs to follow proper protocol when it comes to getting signatures. However, the software is free to use.

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