How To Get Started with Coding and Programming

Are you looking to start a new career or job that can help you grow as an individual? Coding and Programming is an excellent option for you to begin to look into. Coding is one of the fastest-growing and highest demand skills in the job market.

0:00 Starting Coding Introduction
0:33 Enjoying Learning
1:09 Watch Tutorials
1:35 Learn by Building and Coding
2:25 Be Excited About New Technologies
3:06 Coding Wrap Up

Enjoy Learning

If you are not a fan of learning and studying new things, coding is not for you. Technology is always changing, evolving, and enjoying learning is going to be vital to get started with coding.

Watch Tutorials

Outlets such as YouTube, Google, Udemy and more offer great tutorials for coding and programming. If you want to get started with coding and programming. There are countless coding and programming outlets available if you want to get started with coding and programming.

Learn By Doing and Building

The most critical and often overlooked strategy for getting started in coding is to start building. Build yourself a new personal website or application that shows your skills. A strong portfolio is vital to showcasing your skills with coding and programming.

Be Excited About New Technology

Being excited about new tech such as iPhones, Apple Watches, Computers, Teslas etc. Is a very important for anyone who enjoys coding and programming. Finding excitement with these new technologies is essential for anyone who wants to get into the world of coding and programming.

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