Getting More Mobile-Friendly - iOS 6.1

Getting More Mobile-Friendly - iOS 6.1

Looks like Apple finally gets it right. After five beta test versions, Apple has let loose its iOS 6.1 update. The update will render more support for LTE networks along with mobile-friendly services such as Siri, the movie ticket buying service. The iOS 6.1 was released via over-the-air as well as by a download through iTunes. The first update since September 2012. The release addresses some minor bug fixes as well as some additional features.

The biggest feature comes in greater support for 4G LTE support for carriers and the ability to conduct transactions such as movie ticket purchases from Fandango following a search for movie times and locations on Siri. Apple also did an about face on allowing iTune Match subscribers to access individual songs from iCloud, a feature that was removed in the previous update.

With privacy issues front and center in the minds of users, Apple has added an option allowing users to reset its advertising identifier as part of iOS 6.1. Apple's Passbook software, some adjustments to Safari, tweaks to music playback controls from the lock screen, and changes in Apple's mapping software were also addressed. Ironically, the update follows the release of the fifth beta version that Apple released to developers over last weekend. The last update prior to the 6.1 was in mid December. The previous update was only directed to owners of the latest Apple hardware. That release corrected a problem with lines showing up on the keyboard and a glitch that erased meetings from the calendar.

The biggest benefactors of the 6.1 release were 36 new iPhone carriers and 23 new iPad carriers. The improvements will impact the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and the Apple TV set-up box.

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