Is Technology Becoming too Real?

Is Technology Becoming too Real?

In today's fast paced advancements with technology it is hard for even the most talented tech junkies to keep up with changing software and trends. As technology becomes more and more advanced we must ask ourselves, 'Is Technology Becoming too Real?" Advancements in technology have affected almost every person and industry around the world.

With the release on Apples new i-Phone 4s now we are casually conversing and having conversations with our technology almost on a human like basis. In fact Siri the human voice behind Apples i-Phone 4s is 'intelligent' enough to respond to questions and comments with human like responses and sarcasm, bringing the gab between man and technology to a new level of communication.

Advancements in medical technology have brought the gap between humans and machines closer then ever before. As prosthetic and medicine become more with technology people are staying healthier, overcoming disabilities, and advancing medicine.

So the question is, is technology becoming too real? Well the question relies on the individual and their personal experiences and situations. But the fact remains that the advances in technology are here to stay and grow at an exponential rate.

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