Google Glasses: It’s All About Timing

Google Glasses

After Google’s announcement of the “Glass Project” back in early 2012, even Google-phials expressed some skepticism in exactly how people could make the optical device a center-piece for like-minded Google fans. Google chose to pull no stops in promoting “Project Glass” during the sneak preview. The compact device consists of a camera,… and that’s about it. Although Google is planning on incorporating more functionality and apps in the unforeseeable future, Google is envisioning a body device that can integrate all the functionality of a smartphone and more.

Yet the media is largely painting the Google Glass Project as much ado about nothing. To date, Google is providing sparse information about the device’s future. The rumblings from the Google staff indicate that Google still has not developed a prototype of what apps and functionality will end up in the final beta.

In all fairness, the device does include a number of James Bond-based technologies. The frame supports a camera system that enables the user to view the images in real-time. A Google video produced more than a year ago, discusses capabilities such as scheduling appointments, getting directions or checking a weather forecast. What needs to be understood is that Google Glass is a work-in-progress that will evolve over time as it responds to the latest tech trends and technological advancements. Essentially, The Glass Project needs to be viewed as a sculptor’s armature. Functionality will sculpt itself onto the device as need demands. Like its robotic car, Google enjoys the luxury of looking down the road a distance, a strategy that is employed by confident companies who believe in their own future.

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