It’s Time To Save

Time to Save

Due to tight control over its distribution channels and uniform product pricing policies, Apple enjoys the marketing advantage of never having to deeply discount its product line. However, there are shopping strategies that can realize sizable discounts if you are willing to do a little homework and exercise a little patience. Check out these discount opportunities that will save you a few bucks off list on your favorite Apple hardware.

Black Friday Apple Deals – Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving, is one of the only days that Apple regularly discounts its product line. The deals can be found in brick and mortar stores as well as online. Typically, Apple offers discounts on this day that averages from 7% to 10% on most Apple items. That works out to a discount of around $100 on laptops, $40 off on iPads and as much as $10 discounted on the iPad Nano.

Gift Card Savings – Very often, the best deals found on Apple products come in the form of gift cards. In some locations last season, retailers offered free gift cards with the purchase of every Apple product. In some cases, people who purchased an iPad, for example, were rewarded with an $80 gift card with each purchase. Toys R Us issued a $50 in-store card with every iPod purchase.

Special Group Member Discounts – Google honors discounts on its products for groups such as student and teachers. This group receives discounts equaling 10%, a great savings for those involved in education. Go online at Apple and check out the “Education Pricing” tab of the site. Also, look for special pricing between June and September when Apple bundles its products with special student pricing.

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