Kickstarter Takes the Platform Lion's Share

Kickstarter Takes the Platform Lion's Share

Kickstarter is the leading online funding platform for aspiring project creators seeking a financial sugar daddy. Each month, 10's of thousands of potential Investors contribute seed money for promising projects that interest them. Since 2009, more than $500 billion has been pledged to finance more than 35,000 creative and business projects. The Kickstarter investors have an impressive track record in picking winners. Of the 88,491 launched projects, 43.5% enjoyed a successful outcome. Projects fall within one of a number of categories including games, technology, music and so on.

Kickstarter operates in a truly entrepreneurial spirit. Each independently achieved project is the sole responsibility of the project creator. They have complete autonomy in how the project is managed and completed. Each creator invests his time in building his Kickstarter pages to present to investors. Kickstarter exemplifies the quintessential free enterprise system completely in sync. Concepts transform into actionable ideas that morph into successful fruition and enter the open marketplace.

Kickstarter's success has not gone unnoticed by entrepreneurial-minded interests who are intrigued by the possibilities. While Kickstarter appears to attract a lion's share of the entrepreneurial activity, a number of other upstarts are attempting to steal its thunder. A company called Profounder, a kickstarter wanna became and went without much notice. However, a new crop of online funders have appeared as of late offering and audience of potential investors who are there to find the next big idea.

Quirky is a social product development that is shared by the entire community in a collaborative environment. Linkedin has made headway into seeding financially needy ideas with access to thousands of business interests and exposure to connections representing financial resources and strategic partnerships. This type of online services and communities have plenty of room for growth. They are only limited to a universe of ideas.

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