Medical Advancements and Technology

Medical Advancements

The medical world has surely come a long way in the last several decades. Whether it’s a simple respirator machine or micro technology that allows doctors to execute intricate surgery without using older invasive techniques, everyone can take some sort of appreciation towards what technology can do for us in terms of medical advancements.

The biggest changes that we’ve seen with technology and medical advancements would without a doubt be the impact on open heart surgery and invasive needs involving the area surrounding the heart. Procedures like a triple bypass were often considered to be highly risky and potentially deadly to the patient that needed the process. Today, these routines are nearly standard, with the risks cut in almost half. By allowing micro technology to take care of much of the work for us, doctors are able to see deeper than they ever have before within the heart and can perform maneuvers not normally done with the bare hands.

These technological advancements have also done wonders for the medical industry by providing doctors with a deeper look into the internal organs that often have to be looked at with an MRI and X-ray. What was once difficult for doctors to see has now become possible for doctors to literally hold. With advanced 3D technology, a patient’s body can be scanned on demand while doctor’s get a live look at what is happening to internal organs in a literal play by play view in real time and in a three dimensional view that helps doctors to better diagnose issues that patients are dealing with.

Technology has played the biggest role in medical advancements when it comes to amputees. Often, those who suffer from lost limbs are stuck using prosthetic body parts that are far from giving them the functionality that their original body parts once gave them. Today, doctors are able to design limbs that not only feel but look surprisingly real. This “bionic” technology certainly has a long way to go, but is a far cry from what we were limited to only a decade ago. Patients can find themselves getting back to a normal, active lifestyle in just a matter of weeks, rather than a matter of years.

While it’s amazing to see how far technology has taken medical advancements, we know that the best is yet to come to ensure a long and healthy life for people worldwide.

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