Nintendo Wii U - The Next Video Game Console

Nintendo Wii U - The Next Video Game Console

The Nintendo Wii, had often spent some time in the back seat when the latest series of video game consoles was released. While the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 have highly efficient processors that offer intense graphics for the gamer, Wii took the family friendly route and created a console that offered play through the use of a hand held controller that mimics the movement of the player. While this can certainly be exciting, the lack of graphics certainly took a back seat to the more powerful PS3 and Xbox. In the last year, Nintendo Wii had the worst sales of any video game platform. With a big jump needed to take their console to the next level, Nintendo recently announced their new Wii U console.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the current system was the lack of social interaction. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 created a social universe  that would allow users to not only compete in games with each other, but allow users to interact in virtual worlds that gave them the opportunity to create an avatar. The Wii U is going to finally give Nintendo fans the social connectivity that they’ve been desiring for quite a few years. This social network is going to be called Miiverse.

However, it’s not that social interaction that Nintendo is striving for, but a continued family connection that the Nintendo Wii was known for. With fun and thrilling games for the entire family, the Wii was once hailed as a revolutionary tool. Now that PS3 and Xbox have both come out with tools that allow for bodily interaction with their units, that excitement has quickly fallen off, and is no longer a strong selling point for Nintendo.

The new console is a sort of tablet that features a built in screen and several additional controls beyond the current controller layout. This tablet-looking console connects to your current Wii, and allows you to play games either on the console, or use the screen as well as your TV to play the game. Acting as a remote control with a LED screen, there’s going to be a new world of possibilities that Nintendo Wii U can reveal. While more details are still being waited on, it’s expected that you’ll be able to view your game through the console or on the screen, and customize your playability in the game. - Traditional Formulas for the Modern...
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