The Boom of iOs and Android

The Boom of iOs and Android

According to Flurry Analytics, Android and iOS are being adopted ten times faster that of the PC boom in the 1980’s. Not only that, they are also being adopted two times faster than that of the internet boom in the 1990’s and three times faster than that of the recent social networking craze. Consumers crave this technology more than any other technology in history.

Flurry Analytics estimated that there were over 640 million iOS and Android devices in use in the month of July. Why do consumers want this technology? One answer could be mobile browsing. Consumers find it relatively easy to upload information. Restaurant reservations, movie tickets, online purchases, e-mails, and games are all available to consumers and all available on-the-go. People like being able to look up what they need wherever they may be.

Consumer-friendly apps also add to the popularity of these devices. After an app is created, it can be circulated through app stores almost immediately. Consumers can have instant access to new products, ideas, campaigns, and numerous other sources of information no matter where they are or what they are doing. And consumers are free to choose what apps they would like.

Worldwide usage could also attribute to the raise in popularity of Androids and iOS. While the United States has the greatest number of active Android and iOs, it is other countries’ smart phone markets that are growing the most. China’s market grew 401% over one year according to Flurry Analytics. The growth of middle class and economic development in other countries translates into more people buying smart phone devices overseas. Information can now easily be passed from business to business, or consumer to consumer, no matter what country each person is in.

Androids and iOS provide information on the go, and consumers love it.

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