The iOS 6 Test Drive

The iOS 6 Test Drive

Apple’s Test Drive of New iOS 6 encounters a Few Bumps on the Road. Users are introduced to 200 great new features in spite of glitches that encouraged a lot of road rage. In describing all of the new features found in Apples just released IOS 6 mapping software, one is reminded of Nancy Pelosi’s now famous comment that “We need to pass Obama Care before we know what’s in it.” With the release of Apple’s iOS 6, consumers had an opportunity to find out what is in iOS 6 and discovered some surprises in its functionality. Just as it is with a 20,000 page congressional bill, it’s going to take some time to absorb everything it contains and work out some of the rough spots. One headline-grabbing dysfunctionality involved Apple’s major glitch in its much touted map app. Never the less, iPhone 5’s loyal fans are undaunted by the glitch and are confident that Apple will correct the problem in time. Indeed, 83 percent of iPhone buyers report that were still planning on upgrading to iSO 6 from another iPhone mobile app.

With that mapping issue aside, users are slowly becoming familiar with the addition 200 apps that are contained in the iOS 6. Of those, there are 5 new apps that deserve immediate attention:

  • VIP Mail-This feature has been updated to allow users to send a photo or video using the photo app rather than having to cut and paste an image through the email app. This is a great feature for those who get a lot of important email that will no longer get lost in the shuffle.
  • Passbook- Store information such as discount coupons, tickets and event and boarding passes that an attendant can scan right from your mobile device. It also allows the access to information such as important dates and account balances.
  • Do Not Disturb- Provides a list of calls and messages received while you were preoccupied by other activities such figuring out your location on iMap.
  • Improved Safari Browser- incorporates an off line reading application which allows you to read a web page while not connected to the internet.
  • >Choice of alarm sound- Gone is the irritating sound of an imitation alarm clock. Now you can choose a number of pleasing apps to wake you out of your slumber.
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