Twitter Meets FireFox OS

Twitter Meets FireFox

Mozilla chose the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to announce that Twitter will support the Firefox OS mobile apps from Mozilla. Twitter now joins the likes of Alcatel and ZTE and wireless carrier Sprint in proclaiming that it will support the new Firefox OS app. Twitter for Firefox, the Twitter mobile app, will contain the familiar featured tabs such as Home, Connect, Discover and Me.

It will also include support for one of Firefox’s more unique features, Web Activities. This Firefox feature permits Firefox phone users to tweet photos from any app that works with Web Activities, including built-in photo apps. This handy cross-platform feature allows for photo tweets from any app that supports the mobile web. As the app more closely approaches the date of release, one can expect many more new apps surfacing that works with the Firefox operating system. Globally, the Firefox OS will be joining 18 mobile operators who will be supporting the new mobile operating system. Once the devices are released into the marketplace, the Twitter app for Firefox will be immediately available in the Firefox app store.

Firefox’s new OS is harnessed by the power of the web. The OS takes advantage of the internet’s robust functionality to give users complete network access. The most recent interest in the Firefox OS collaboration with social networks such as Twitter signifies a new paradigm in the rapid evolution of mobile devices and the industry’s desire to stay ahead of the curve. The Firefox OS is targeting a price-sensitive market segment. The OS is gunning for emerging markets with devices that employ apps using HTML5 technology. Firefox is positioning itself to serve low-end smartphones. It will offer apps for such as weather, Air nob, Box, Cut the Rope, MTV Basil, and many more. It is anticipated that the first devices will be available by late 2013.

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