What's Next For Apple?

What's Next For Apple?

If you are a technological geek, and you like to know about Apple and their amazing products, then you are not alone. As soon as the iPhone 5 was released, people were going crazy about this phone. It sold out within the first hour, making it the only phone device of its kind to sell out the way it did. For those who have an iPad, you may be enjoying the wonderful Wi-Fi services that any tablets can receive. Even better is the different apps that you can download to your iPad as well. Don’t get too comfortable with the iPad you have now because there will be an iPad mini coming to a local Apple store near you. This new iPad will be revealed to the public very soon, so we will go into more detail about its features, pricing, and other little perks that you can enjoy.

There is a size option that one may be able to choose from including a 7- inch or 9- inch iPad. The iPad mini will also include a 8- megapixel camera, which you rarely find in tablets and phones. That will save you a ton of money because you do not have to go out there to buy a digital camera, and you do not have to print out your pictures at a store as well when you can print them at home. The iPad mini will operate through Apple’s iOS 6 systems.

The price of this new iPad mini will be between $250- $300. This will give consumers who are on a budget the opportunity to purchase this cool item without breaking their pockets. The iPad mini will become major competition between the Kindle and the Nook. Since you can download your favorite books and enjoy them on your iPad, more consumers will more than likely switch to the mini because It will be affordable to that target group.

There will be a lot of expectations for the iPad mini. As people always get excited for Apple’s products, you can assure that the iPad mini will sell out within the first few hours as well. Since the debut of the iPad mini will be towards the holiday season, there will be a lot of people trying to purchase this item during that time. The iPad in general has many wonderful features so this would be a great investment for those who are really wanting to be a part of the technological world.

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