Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Off Coding?


Developers, programmers, and I.T. professionals have begun to questions the ability of AI to create code and software. Some have started to ask how long it will be until AI can code better than human programmers?

Trying to address the future of Artificial intelligence and its ability to create code and programs is nothing new. By evaluating where AI technology is today and taking into consideration the technical skills needed to program, the answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. What can be said with certainty is this technology is still a way into the future.

Will AI kill off Human Coding and Programming Positions Eventually?

Computers still have a lot of difficulties comprehending necessary rational human skills. Their ability to understand code and programming syntax is going to be one of AI's leading issues. Even modern voice recognition technologies such as Siri, Alexa and Watson lack the most basic human interaction skills even after years on the market.

At least for the perceivable future coders should not fear AI replacing their programming positions. In fact, when you consider the very technologies behind improving AI, you will find computer programmers and engineers.

AI and the Future of Programming

At some point in the far future, most likely several decades into the future, AI combined with robotics and energy will be able to take over almost all currently known jobs. Jobs have been replaced by technology throughout history such as with the industrial revolution and will ultimately change our entire society.

This technological revolution could, in essence, lead to a world where humans have most work taken care of by their ai, robotic counterparts. One thing about the history of technology is that humans have a profound way of dreaming up more essential ideas at a quicker rate than we often deliver. Tech such as flying cars and space exploration are just a few of the sectors of tech that have not advanced nearly as rapid as initially predicted.

Keep learning to code, the job market for skilled I.T. professionals and programmers is only growing in the foreseeable future. The ability for an AI replacement is at best in its very initial stages. It will most likely take decades to advance to a point where AI is capable of replacing current programming positions.

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