Playstation 4

It looks like Sony has taken a bold step in the console wars by waiting to release the PS4 a few months after the Xbox One came out. Sony released the PS4 first in America and later UK and Europe. Sony has managed to undercut the Xbox price by $100 (which retails now at $399) with a promise to provide a "frictionless and seamless" gaming experience. The verdict is out and people are impressed by what both Sony and Microsoft have offered next generation gaming.

Sony has really tried to blow both xbox and nintendo out of the water with the PS4. Design-wise the matt and shiny body of the console has been well received. Many online features remain freely available such as Netflix, party chat and free-to-play games that will not require PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Facial Recognition Technology

We've heard about facial recognition technology for a while now, but still there is a lot of research going on in the field. Facial recognition technology has come a long way and scientists have been working on face recognition system since the 1960's. Humans have always had this inherent ability to distinguish people by their faces, and now even computers have this characteristic. A simple form of facial recognition technology is utilized by digital cameras. Cameras are now constructed with software that utilizes this technology. Many cell phones and laptops also contain a simple form of facial recognition system as their security password.

Let us find out the various features and advantages of facial recognition technology.

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iPhone5s - What it Offers Users

Just like every other release of the iPhone, the consumer cell phone market has been buzzing about the release of the brand new iPhone5s. As usual, Apple fanatics have been flocking to stores across the country eagerly anticipating the opportunity of getting the new iPhone. If you’re not an Apple guru, you may be questioning whether or not the new iPhone5s is totally worth its cost. We’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the new features that come along with Apple’s latest release and help you make the decision on your own.

Longer Battery Life

Any previous iPhone user knows that the battery has always been a little bit of an issue. Those who have experience the previous iOS had even more problems before a bug was released, as it was only last fall that batteries seemed to be draining faster than ever. This gripe is nearly eliminated as even with all of the upgrades of the iPhone5s, the battery lasts longer than ever, even when you’re on a 4G network. Go ahead and surf away. Your new phone can take the heat.

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Xbox One Gaming System

For the very first time in the world of gaming, the Xbox One gaming system has put together its new state of the art OS with Windows OS for the best of gaming without any type of compromises. With Xbox One you do not have to switch inputs in order to watch television or to play a game. Xbox One is ready when you are and wakes up automatically when you are ready to play. You can even chat with your best friend on Skype while watching the playoff or any other sport together on the same screen. Talk about technology.You can instantly go back and forth between all of your apps without having to stop your game. Xbox One combines architecture, CPU, GPU and ESRAM into a supercomputer creating the fastest Xbox One combines architecture, CPU, GPU and ESRAM into a supercomputer creating the fastest Xbox experience that has ever hit the planet.

The Xbox One continuously plays your game even when you are not. So every time you pick up your favorite game to play you will be finding new things. When you are not around to play, your friends can still play with your ‘character’ with the Xbox One new artificial intelligence. With this artificial intelligence, your Xbox One learns to play like you do; it’s like having your own clone.

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Google Glasses - A New Way to See the World

The Google Glasses device is meant to be worn by a user and is capable of presenting media content to the user. Media content is a very vague term as most audio and or visual content is media, in the broadest sense. The patent notes also tell us that the device will be designed as wireless. It is unclear if they are planning on using cell towers like the iPhone, wifi or Bluetooth. There is a mention of sensors which could sense the user, or perhaps will be used to keep you from walking into objects as you use Facebook while walking down the street. It can also be assume the sensors will pause any media when the glasses are removed. How these glasses will be controlled and used is still purely speculation as the patent did not offer much information on this.

Google has been in the process of making glasses that function as not only video players but with telephonic capabilities. In the new application they outline the glasses as being designed to work with augmented reality. The apple glasses, as they are currently being referred to have hidden audio sensors in the glasses frames to enhance voice command capabilities.

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