Facebook Mobile Gets MORE Hands On

iPad and iPhone users can now benefit from a new app that permits direct access to update your Facebook cover photo with the tap of a finger. The new iOS social networking update, version 5.6, is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The OS requires a 5.0 or later edition. All that is required to accomplish this task is to tap on the cover photo in the profile page and either choose a new photo from the library or snap a new self-portrait. Hit 'save”, the photo will instantly appear on the cover page.

In addition to the new profile photo feature, version 5.6 also includes other features that help you maintain a fresh time-line. The iOS app update also assists in making group messages more user-friendly. It simplifies the method used to more easily create and manage group messages and conversations, keeping up with friends speedier than ever with. It's a breeze to find out what your friends are up to and sharing videos and photo files is seamless and requires fewer taps to accomplish. The new app also notifies you when new arrive on your post. It permits text, chat and voice interaction. It can also be utilized for file sharing activities such as games or other favorite apps.

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"Keep" All Your Infomation in One Place

Google announced the introduction of a new app that fills a void that, until now, has not existed for some time in the Android eco-system. Thanks to Google's new scratchpad app, "Keep" will essentially become the default note taking app among all Android systems. Apple's Siri has been enjoying its built-in scratchpad  along with other Notes apps available to the Apple universe.

By investing time and resources into the apps development, Google eschewed the easy out by building a utilitarian, no-fringe vision with basic functions. Instead, Google took the high road with well thought-out functionality and plenty of room for expansion. Where many similar apps offer the user the opportunity to collect random, half-finished thoughts and no usable function that could not be duplicated by a pocket notebook, Google surpassed that benchmark. With functions that include to-do lists, a place to easily file photos and the ability to color-code one's notes. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to capture that next big idea before it evaporates into the Ethernet.

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Google+ Joins the Photo-Editing World

Enhanced Photo Editing capabilities makes Google+'s update worth looking at. In addition to expanded photo editing features, Google+ has added a more robust library of filters and editing tools that reside inside the app. Taking advantage of enhancements provided by Snapseed, users are now able to rotate and crop pictures and add popular filters such as Drama and Retrolux. Improvements include adjustments to saturation, contrast and other levels. A refresh added to the content stream of the Android app is a handy improvement that simplifies the editing process.

The posts have undergone a transition as well. They now include more room for text content and images usually do not require cropping. Activities such as re-sharing, commenting and +1 enjoy more spacious amenities per post. Users can also spend more time sorting through a collection of photos with a lot fewer click-troughs.

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Twitter App Joins Windows Design

After months of delay, Twitter has announced the release of its updated app for Windows Phone. The app now provides full support for Live Tiles, a feature that is exclusive to Windows Phone. Moving forward, Window's Phone fans will be able to access their preferred Twitter account and pin it specifically to the phone's home screen. This enables users to access tweets from the phone's home screen without activating the account directly. This provides quick access to the Twitter account should you choose to delve deeper. The Tweet and Search icons grace each of the apps pages making a specific search easy to accomplish. Tweets can now be sent out from anywhere.

In addition, features will include Share charms, Snap views, Live tiles and Notifications that is native to the app's platform. The Share charm on Windows 8 permits the sharing of photos. Links and other apps as well as Internet Explorer 10 sync directly to Twitter. The twitter app provides a “Snap” view that displays a single column of tweets when its docked. That means multitasking users will be able to participate in Twitter conversations, watch streaming video and read the news simultaneously. The Snap view gives users the option of adjusting screen size to 1/3, 2/3's or full screen format.

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The Mouse That Remembers

Of all computer peripherals on the market, the humble mouse is easily the one that's been most maligned. Essentially unchanged in design and functionality for two decades, the mouse has finally come into its own having now claimed the title “smart”. Having languished in the shadows of hardware such as speakers, printers and external hard drives, the mouse is enjoying its moment in the sun thanks to a group of Italian product developers. Working with the UK-based company Laura Sapiens, the team of engineers devised a new generation of mouse called the Ego! Smartmouse. The Ego! Conveniently stores the user's digital identity and files, giving you the ability to access multiple platforms by transporting your personal files inside the mouse.

The Smartmouse is designed to interact with any device that can access Bluetooth technology. As an optical mouse, the device functions flawlessly. However, what differentiates the Ego! Smartmouse from others is its capability to manage its own accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, touch sensor and embedded VGA camera. In addition it sports a Linux OS that employs a 2 GB, 4 GB or 8GB of flash memory. The Ego! Is a completely transportable storage device. However, for those important files requiring more capacity, the device offers cloud storage.

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