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Magento: Download Setup and Installation

In this tutorial, we will cover the download, install and setup process for the Magento CMS. In a few short steps, you are able to set up your own powerful CMS platform for your e-Commerce business.

0:00 Magento Download, Setup & Installation Overview
0:23 Magento Download
0:53 Magento Hosting Setup
2:18 Magento Setup
2:57 Database Setup
6:33 Magento Setup Part 2
7:56 Magento Install
8:41 Magento Installation Success
10:01 Magento Administration Login

If you enjoyed this tutorial find out more on the popular Magento CMS on our website at https://FinalWebDesign.com/Web-Design/Web-Platforms/Magento or more Magento tutorials at https://FinalWebDesign.com/Tutorials/Magento-Tutorials

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