Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop: Remove Image Background

This tutorial will show you how to easily remove a background from an image or logo. This is a useful technique for any graphic design that may want to create …

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Adobe Photoshop: Rounding Image Corners

Rounding the corners on photos and images is one of the most common Photoshop tasks in web development. In this video we will show you how to round the corners …

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Applying a Border / Stroke to Image in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will show you how to correctly apply a border or stroke to your images in Adobe Photoshop. Often when working with images applying a small border …

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Use the Right Keys

Driving traffic to a blog entails a different set of challenges than you might find in web page content or a landing page. However, a …

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Google Analytics

Until you actually implement Google Analytics, it’s difficult to truly realize the actual power behind this free software. If you think that you always get …

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Amazing Pools of the Keys – Professional Pool Installation Experts

As a trusted team of professionals, Amazing Pools of the Keys focus is creating an outstanding experience for our customers. Amazing Pools of the Keys …

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JavaScript: Part 7 – Var, Let and Const Variables

This is the seventh part of our JavaScript tutorial series. In this tutorial, we will cover the general overview of JavaScript variables. The Var, Let …

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Corporate I.T. Developer Job Interview #3

A 3rd Front-End Vue JS developer job interview record for all my followers. This video will highlight a recent interview that took place for another …

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Wet Smartphones: Mobile Devices Take A Splash

Smart phones prefer cool, dry places. Yet very often, they find themselves in a hostile environment where danger lurks everywhere. More cumbersome than the pocket-fitting …

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