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WordPress: Twenty Twenty One Theme Customization – Home Page

This video will cover the WordPress: Twenty Twenty-One Theme home page design and development changes. The latest core WordPress theme offers multiple different design and content implementation changes with its clean ...
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WordPress: NextGEN Gallery Plugin

NextGEN Gallery Plugin is a free open-source image gallery plugin for the WordPress CMS. It is currently one of the top 5 most downloaded WordPress plugins and a great tool ...
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WordPress: Twenty Twenty One Theme Customization

This video will cover the WordPress: Twenty Twenty One Theme Customization for the annual WordPress core theme. This new theme launched with WordPress 5.6 and uses block patterns for a ...
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WordPress: Twenty Twenty Theme Customization

This tutorial will go over some of the customization options with the New Twenty Twenty theme for WordPress. The popular WordPress Twenty-Twenty theme has some important customization features that we ...
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WordPress: Twenty Twenty Theme Installation

Have you installed and started using the new WordPress ‘Twenty Twenty’ theme? This tutorial will show you how to download, install and set up the new WordPress Twenty Twenty theme ...
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CSS Overview

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are the design language of websites. Using CSS developers can style the HTML of sites, including elements used throughout the ...
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Social Media Marketing: Overview

Social Media Marketing is one of the number one ways to generate new business, sales, and leads… Check out this quick Social Media Marketing overview ...
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Top Benefits Of Online Marketing

When it comes to increasing sales in the digital age, Internet marketing is an increasingly powerful outlet. Almost everybody around the world is connected to the ...
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The End of Google Plus

Google has officially announced the end of Google Plus. The struggling social media platform is seeing an end to its short-lived run, which simply never ...
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A Better Future – HTML 5

The latest advancements encapsulated in HTML 5 encompass two concepts. First, it represents a new language for HTML. It contains new elements, attributes and behaviors. ...
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Pavegen Tiles Harvest Energy from Footsteps

Pavegen tiles harvest energy from footsteps. Designed for use in in high foot-traffic areas, the tiles convert the kinetic energy from footsteps of pedestrians into ...
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