Controlling Your Audience

Controlling Your Audience

When it comes to search engines, Google rules the roost. In fact, many of the less dominant search engine counterparts employ Google as their primary search platform. Additionally, many of the “Paid Search Ads” tags found on other engines are in actuality Google ads. To put it succinctly, Google enjoys total dominance over its lighter weight competition.

That brings us to the importance of page rank, which, naturally, is a tool provided by who else but Google? So, as you can see, Google runs the show on getting found in an organic search on the internet. Since its Google’s game, Google gets to write the rules. Therefore, your objective is to find out what makes a site get ranked higher in relevance as determined by Google’s truth confirming bots. It is through Google’s largess that it will “recommend” your site to truth-seeking web surfers.

Typically, the less nerdy of us have a complete misunderstanding of the real meaning of the term “Page Rank”. Interestingly, Page Rank has no correlation to some sort of mathematical site-ranking based on the URL’s popularity. In fact, the phrase was named after its founder, Professor Larry Page of Stanford University. The patented process was based on the use of algorithms designed to evaluate the relevance of a given URL in relation to all other sites on the internet. As a result, a highly relevant website will receive more traffic than a less relevant one. For example, a car dealership site that talks about bow hunting will receive a low relevance score.

The Page Rank heavily considers the number of external links that are “pointing back” to your site. The more of these “in-bound” links that are pointing back to your URL, the more relevance your site is given by the Google bots, the more recommendations that your site gets from Google, the more people will be directed to your site in their keyword searches.

If you aren’t already intimately knowledgeable with the relationship between Page Rank and getting found on Google, pay a visit to the Google SEO tool site, and familiarize yourself with incorporating page rank strategies to improve your sites visibility.

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