Firefox and Firebug Create Developer Fire Power

Firefox and Firebug

Developers are enthusiastic over the new developers tools that are being introduced as a result of the collaboration between Firefox and Firebug. The partnership integrates a plethora of great tools into the Firefox equation. The new features permit the capability to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. Firebug will act as your guide through the entire process. Best of all, help is always just a keystroke away at any time.

One of the most user-friendly features of Firefox is its low-keyed presence. Firebug opens in a separate window or it will appear at the bottom of your browser. It will also provide fine grain control over the site that is being enabled. Firebug specializes in locating HTML elements buried deep down in the page. Once the the element is found, Firebug disseminates a flow of information while giving the developer the opportunity to edit the HTML live.

One of Firebug’s most popular web tools is its ability to use the CSS tabs to tell you everything you need to know about a web page styles. The developer has the option of making instant changes to the page. Additionally, it detects when your CSS boxes aren’t lining up properly. It automatically measures and illustrates offsets, margins, boarders, padding and sizes.

Firebug will also analyze issues as they develop. For example, it will help answer questions such as problems with JavaScript, uncompressed images, problems with client servers and more. Firefox presents it all to you in a simple file-by-file breakdown. Furthermore, it will share helpful information about JavaScript, CSS and XML. The Document Object Model represents a large hierarchy of objects and functions always ready to be accessed by JavaScript. Firebug finds DOM objects quickly and permits their correction without missing a beat.

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