Google Gives the Public an Inside View

Inside Google

In 1982, Walt Disney released a Si-Fi movie starring Jeff Bridges. The movie is called “Tron” and the plot entailed a computer programmer who is physically transported into a mainframe computer and spends the rest of the movie attempting to find a way out. Although primitive by today’s movie standards, it did succeed in giving a face to a new technology about which the public was mystified.

Last week, Google unveiled a website titled “Where the Internet Lives”. It offers a rare glimpse into Google’s impressive facilities and gives insight into the massive infrastructure that needs to be maintained in order for Google to deliver the services we all pretty much take for granted. It displays gargantuan interior spaces spread over tens of thousands of square feet. The spaces are crammed with infrastructure consisting of racks supporting miles of fiber optics, row upon row of servers and miscellaneous equipment of every description. Many of the photos show tall rooms jammed with bright color-coded water pipes permeating the facilities. Other images capture eerily beautiful blue LED lights spilling from rows of hi-tech equipment. Exterior shots also display an impressive array of facilities and equipment that boggles the mind.

Essentially, the purpose of going public serves two purposes. First, it’s a great move for Investor Relations. It demonstrates the enormous capital required to build and operate such an enormous endeavor and demonstrates that money is being applied to good use. Secondly, it sends a message to the public reminding them there is more to the company’s services than a text box located under Google’s iconic constantly changing logo. So take the virtual tour on “Where the internet lives” and next time you Google, be aware of what goes into it.

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