CMS Options: Picking Your Poison

Picking A CMS

A CMS program selection needs to start with identifying the right CMS solution for your company’s needs. In your search for the perfect CMS, you’ll encounter a number of great products designed to address broad CMS applications. Your investigative efforts will reveal that, while all CMS platforms make similar promises, one size does not fit all. Invariably, you’ll learn that it’s not about the platform as much as it’s about your company’s culture. In your selection process, match up your staff’s skill set to the platform in question.

As you continue your investigation, keep reminding yourself that there is no advantage into rushing into a premature decision. It is at this juncture that two questions need to be addressed: What is your primary market and what form of content are you planning to post? Different CMS systems are designed to capture specific audiences. Often, businesses aren’t ready for the more advanced systems; it might be advisable to look into more abbreviated CMS programs that are designed to grow with you.

The key issue the CMS system selection process is based on the type of content you will be publishing. Other organizations are less interested in the front end capabilities and more focused on the back end operations. This may apply to publishing companies offering affiliate programs, for example.

If you’re business is blogging, you may find WordPress to be a simple and satisfactory solution. More complex projects call for more robust solutions. In that case, popular software programs such as Drupal, Joomla! Or Hubspot might fill the bill. An important consideration is to always look forward to see what your CMS needs will be a decade or two down the road.

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