TV Show Fans Look To New OneLouder App


Many young TV viewers have gotten into the habit of multi-tasking by tweeting on their mobile devices while watching their favorite TV fare. Having identified this popular trend, OneLouder has created a clever new app that combines these duel activities. The app eliminates the need to search for hashtags by compiling a list of your favorite shows for easy browsing. As an additional perk, OneLouder has signed up celebrity tweets representing actors from the most popular shows. The unique feature allows tweeters to gain insight into a behind-the-camera view of what’s going on around the set.

The Live 140 app features a Pocket and Integration tool called Instapaper. It lets you skip the longer links to keep you focused on watching your favorites. The app is designed to be user-friendly. The top of the app features is a collection of shows provided by Live 140 all set up and ready to tweet. All you need to do is tap the selected show’s icon and you’re off and running. If your favorite show is not displayed, just type the name into the search box. Once the show is located, you can either view the show’s accounts or view other fans’ lists or tweets about the show. All previous searches are cataloged making them easy to re-visit at any time.

Participation in live tweets is a piece of cake. Just tap on the screen’s “Compose” button located near the top right–hand corner. Tweet your thoughts without having to include a hashtag. The app is easily downloaded onto your Android and you have the option to create your own personalized lists.

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