Importance of a Quality Web Development Portfolio

Web Development Portfolio

A web design portfolio is kind of like a resume for a web designer. If you’re a business owner who simply knows about the processes of running a business, then you probably don’t know much about proper coding and the latest web 2.0 technologies that are available to you with countless designers. What you do know is that when you make an investment, you want to see a return on that investment at all costs. Poor investments hurt your bottom line, especially if you can’t at least break even.

If you have a web designer in mind who only has their own website to show you as evidence of their work, you may need to look elsewhere. Fact is, it’s easy to copy screenshots or video recordings of a website and their functionality. If a designer isn’t saving their work, it means that they or the company they’ve designed the website for are simply not happy with the site that was created for them. A web design portfolio is true evidence that the designer has several satisfied customers that they’ve done quality work in the past. Whenever a web site designer completes work, they’ll often ask a company if they can use their website within their portfolio. The customer will usually only say yes if they are satisfied with the received website.

How do you go about choosing a quality web designer? Chances are, you had to rely simply on references to make the difficult choice of who was going to be your webmaster. Now, with endless amounts of designers available at the click of a mouse, you  need to make sure that you’ve not only got references, but that you’ve got some sort of web design portfolio from your potential candidate.

Make sure that when it’s time to build your next website, you hire a designer with a large web design portfolio to show off their capabilities and design skills.

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