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Why You Should Not Build Your Own Website

Here is a quick video that highlights “Why You Should Not Build Your Own Website” in 2022.  In this video I want to discuss why I rarely code or build …

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Differences in Website Technologies

In this video I wanted to highlight the best solutions for using a custom website, a CMS platform or building an Application. All different web technologies have their own benefits, …

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Managed Server Hosting – The Biggest Issue in Web Design

In this video I want to highlight how ‘Managed Server Hosting’ is the number one issue we experience with clients and customers. All of our customers are always presented with …

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Website Development Sales Call

Website Design Sale Call

This is a real website sales call I had recently with a potential customer looking for a new business website redesign and redevelopment. In this video you will see how …

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Keeping the Project Pipeline Full

One of the most important aspects of running a professional service business is “Keeping your Project Pipeline Full“. This video will cover a few ways you can help ensure that …

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Driving the Mobile Device Frenzy: Differentiating Usage Between Smart Phones and Tablets

Driving the mobile device frenzy: differentiating usage between smart phones and tablets. As smart phones and tablets become more ubiquitous, marketers are curious as to …

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JavaScript: Part 1 – Introduction

This is the first part of our JavaScript tutorial series. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is a …

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Why Change Browser Tabs?

A new Facebook feature permits Facebook fans to chat directly through their Firefox browser. The Facebook Messenger appears on the side of the browser window …

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The Chromebook You Can Touch

Last week, Google rolled out its much anticipated Chromebook Pixel laptop with the intent to impress. Early response to the high-resolution touch screen and powered …

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Google Webmaster Tools

Going through Google Analytics? Would you like to get a little bit more insight than what you already see? The fact is that while Google …

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Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad Message!

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to all our website design and digital marketing clients and customers. The team at Final Web Design just wanted to …

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