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Website Sale Meeting

This video highlights a recent “Website Sale Meeting” with a client. This proposal was sent a few weeks prior and was our second meeting to discuss the new customized website …

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The Website Sales Funnel

In this video I want to discuss how your website can act as a sales funnel so you are receiving and converting as many leads as possible. Driving new traffic …

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Google Ads Long Commercial – Final Web Design, Inc.

Google Ads Long Commercial – Final Web Design, Inc. This is the long commercial for our Google Ads advertising system. There are many choices when it comes to eCommerce development. …

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Massive Tech Layoffs

This video I wanted to discuss the recent “Massive Tech Layoffs” that are happening. These layoffs are effecting some of the largest tech companies including Twitter, Meta and more. With …

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Importance of Keeping Your Customers Happy

One of the most important aspects of growing your business is to make sure you keep all old clients and customers happy. Many times developers and web firms do not …

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WordPress: Complete Download, Installation & Setup

Learn how you can do a complete download, installation and setup of the WordPress CMS in 10 minutes. Setting up < a href="web-design/web-platforms/wordpress" title="WordPress">WordPress is …

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Tips when Starting an eCommerce Store

Are you interested in starting a new eCommerce store online? This tutorial will provide you some Tips on Starting an eCommerce store for your Business. …

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Products Matter

Today’s media companies are realizing the importance of going beyond the content distribution business in order to survive. Interestingly, many tech companies are morphing into …

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HTML: Part 8 – Form Text Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

In this HTML Tutorial, we will go over the text, checkbox and radio buttons inputs in forms. The checkbox and radio buttons are great for …

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Know the Pillars

The proliferation of the internet demands that effective web design be incorporated into every business strategy. Millions of consumers and business are employing the internet …

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Bigger Piece of Holiday Pie

The holiday season represents a significant percentage of online sales for the entire year. In fact, it’s estimated that 50% of all Christmas shopping is …

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