Deleting From the Internet

Deleting From the Internet

The Internet is riddled with unidentified data bases that harbor your personal data. We all leave trails of unsecured data as we travel through cyberspace. Traces of our personal life litter the information highway as we fill out forms, make internet purchases, or visit insecure web sites.

The unsecured information can be sold to sources such as marketing companies, phishing practitioners, credit companies- the list is endless. Some are legitimate but others use the personal information for more nefarious purposes. Regardless, it is data of which we have lost control over.

To combat this threat, a company called Abine’s Delete Me has developed an app designed to identify the location of where our internet data is stored. Once the information is located, Delete Me petitions the organization that possesses the data to delete it from the data base or face the consequences. Abine will relentlessly pursue the offender until they comply with the privacy laws and remove the data. Until now, the service has only been available as a web service. However, Abine will soon release the app for iOS and Android systems.

Abine’s Delete Me is not just an impersonal bot. It incorporates real breathing human beings who carry your banner to protect your interests. Abine’s employs a staff that is tasked to contact these errant data brokers personally. Abine’s has found the people approach works best as brokers are known to re-enter the data months later after initial contact. By policing the data bases, brokers are forced to be honest the staff frequently check to make sure the data has been permanently deleted.

Abine has a full plate to deal with as 57% of mobile device users have decided to not make a purchase or uninstalled an app out of privacy concerns. Increasingly, smart phones and tablets are succumbing to internet fraud and privacy concerns.

Delete $24.95 per quarter which equals to a 20% discount compared to its web based service which is $129 per year. The app company also offers a service called “Do Not Track Me”, which blocks tracking cookies.

Check it out for yourself @

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