Firefox 16 Supports More HTML5

Firefox 16 Supports More HTML5

Firefox- friendly- web developers are celebrating the long awaited official imprimatur from Mozilla Firefox 16’s browser support encompassing much of its HTML5 platform. Embedded with far fewer changes than the previous release, the new version supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. After experiencing security flaws with the previous HTML is declared the updated release to be “unprefixed”, which means that Firefox is standing by its claim that it is “secure” enough so as to not to risk any instability in the browser.

Additions to the new release include CSS4 Animation, Transforms, Transitions, Image values, Values and units and Indexed DB. Two Web API’s largely developed by Mozilla, Battery API and vibration API have also won the unprefixed status. The Mozilla Seal of Approval is a big step forward to web developers who are Mozilla fans. It means that the product has matured enough to earn developers faith in integrating it into their websites without security having concerns. Another addition is the ‘developer Command Line”, which is used to create user-friendly keyboard controls tools for developers. The company described it as a more intuitive tool for initiating new commands.

Firefox is also upgrading Firefox 16 for Android with a Reader Mode enhanced the appearance of content and much simpler to share articles. A simple tap on the tool bar icon will reformat blogs, re-size photos, changing font size and eliminating advertising.

The improvements are a big step forward for Mozilla and helps assure their solid future as a major player in a highly competitive marketplace.

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