Five Features that Will Sell you on PostgreSQL

Five Features that Will Sell you on PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is embraced by major corporations who require a true open-source enterprise class database capable of doing some serious lifting. This database offers a level of sophistication that can eat massive amounts of digital information for breakfast. Although it would be impossible to describe everything the database does here, there functions it can perform that you may find of particular interest. Here are five features that deserve review.

Data bases can be easily customized - most databases give you very flexibility in customizing the platform to your exacting needs. PostgreSQL employs Generalized Search Tree (GiST) indexing which provides for the ability to determine storage capabilities based on need.

Easy Error Recovery – Unlike many databases, PostgreSQL does not burry your mistakes through eternity. Past transactions can be easily recovered. It accomplishes this by use of a “Transactional DDL”, which permits the company to shape its desired functionality.

Querying XML Data - The database is designed to let you access and extract data that allows the extraction of a single element from the entire data base.

Baked-in Streaming Replication - If your enterprise is using PostgreSQL 9.0 or up, the database can constantly update the stand-by servers in real time.

Supports Most Authentication Systems - compatible Systems include 12 of the most popular platforms Regardless of the environment, PostgreSQL which supports GSSAPI, password authentication, RADIUS and “trust-based” authentication.

These capabilities don’t even begin to cover a plethora of possibilities. Never the less, learning more about these five features are a good place to start. If you get in over your head, you can always reference tons of online support and YouTube tutorials.

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